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DA-Group is the leading company designing and manufacturing custom designed radio frequency filters for special applications in mobile network industry, defence and aerospace applications as well as research use. The RF filter business line is operated by DA-Group's subsidiary Creowave Filters Oy. 

Our customers, such as world leading Mobile Network providers, need to rely on test measurements. With high accuracy and high performance radio frequency filters reliable measurements results can be achieved. Unwanted signals are filtered out or prevented from entering  test systems.

When space is limited and small size or miniaturized products are needed with extremely high performance filtering, we can help. Our focus is on continuous product development to meet ever increasing customer requirements with a rapid response time. 



high performance and precision rf filters

The Creowave Filters portfolio consists of more than two thousand different filters, such as band pass and stop filters, notch filters, high pass filters as well as duplexers (BP/BP) and diplexers (BS/BP).

Additionally, our unique capability is to be able to design and manufacture filters for Passive Intermodulation measurement. Our low PIM filters cover the whole range of Wireless Mobile Frequencies.

Band Pass Filters
Provide unique possibilities to prevent out-of-band signals from entering the test systems.

Band Stop Filters
Remove unwanted signals and prevent these unwanted signals from entering and distorting measurement equipment.

Notch Filters
Remove and prevent unwanted signals from entering and distorting measurement equipment like spectrum analyzers.

High Pass Filters
Measure the real power level of transmitted harmonics from the transmitter.

Reduce the number of test runs and cable changes in the final tester environment.

Reduce the number of test runs and cable changes in the final tester environment.

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Filters

Please inquire about other Radio Testing products and solutions for security and defence industry purposes!




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