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LED Lighting components

Versatile and high-performance LED lighting components

Thanks to modern LED technology, the possibilities associated with luminaire design are almost limitless. The product portfolio includes high-quality LED lighting components designed in Finland and based on the latest technology.

The goal of the business transfer is to further develop high-quality LED lighting products with combined R&D teams, and to continue to provide customers with innovative products for demanding environments and use cases. The continued R&D development is assured by acquisition of the Tepcomp’s highly skilled LED development team. DA-Group has more than a quarter of a century of experience in design, product development and manufacturing of demanding electronics, also for defense and space sectors.  




PowerPAQ product range enables the best lighting on the market in high-power LED luminaires. These compact 300W and 540W power supplies have wide selection of software configurable features and provide exceptionally low flicker levels. They offer state-of-the-art performance and a wide range of features in an exceptionally compact, lightweight, and cost-effective package. PowerPAQ is the key to the best possible high-power sports lighting, commercial greenhouse lighting and many other high-power LED luminaires, with the option of control via Dali, DMX, or 0-10V interfaces.

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Distinctive features of our ActivePAQ product range include high performance and compact design. All ActivePAQ products have a mains-powered integrated power source combined with low profile and one-sided design. Thanks to this unique combination, compact, high-performance LED luminaire design and assembly is simpler and faster than ever before. ActivePAQ LED modules contain all the necessary electronics combined with the light source, which allows the luminaire manufacturer to avoid compatibility problems arising from use of separate LED power sources and passive LED modules.

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Contact information and schedule during the transition period

Tepcomp continues to act as the provider of the supply chain (e.g. orders and deliveries) and the familiar staff members are currently at your disposal.

The plan is to transfer the order and invoicing process to Controlled / DA-Group towards the end of year. 2023 Tepcomp will continue to manufacture the products at least until the end of 2023. As the change process progresses, we will be in close touch with you regarding any changes. 

The management of both companies are committed to providing the customers with innovative and high-quality, sustainable products and product development. Please, contact Tepcomp here.

We welcome your comments and questions!

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