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DA-Group has been developing and manufacturing radar solutions for outer space for a long time. Now, DA-Group's intelligent, integrated solutions can be used for near-field radar applications in residential environments. Applications can range from lighting solutions for residential apartments  to monitoring the movement of people in nursing homes, hospitals or even prisons.

The cooperation between DA-Group and the research institutes in the development of radar solutions in the surrounding area is interwoven with DA-Group's core competence in high frequency applications in millimetre wave technology. There are a wide range of uses for these applications. Near-field radar can act as a presence detector to answer questions such as whether a person might be in a room. The direction of movement of crowds can also be tracked. The application areas also include measuring and monitoring the state of alertness of a person. For example, a tram driver's state of alertness could be monitored by tracking changes in lung respiratory volume and heart rate.


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