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Complete modular minelaying system

The trend toward multi-purpose vessels achieved via easily configurable modular mission bay arrangement typically contradicts with minelaying, which traditionally requires a dedicated minelaying arragement with specific minerails and dropping equipment. DA-Group has a state-of-the-art solution for modern minelaying.


The regular SUMICO system is based on the most common general purpose container type, 20 ft. ISO container. The SUMICO module can be opened at both ends and contains two pairs of minerails arranged so that the rails can easily be connected with another similar module to yield a lane. The aftmost container connects to a mine dropping unit, enabling mine laying directly with the SUMICO system. 

The versatility and adjustability of the SUMICO system can be further exploited by using modules of different sizes and constructions and by additional functionality, like automated mine laying system. With SUMICO, the actual minelaying can be conducted by the use of the organic minelaying machinery favored by the end user. However, the SUMICO modules can also be equipped with an automated minelaying system, which can be totally independent of other onboard systems, if required.

The automated minelaying system designed for SUMICO is based on module specific integrated chain drive, which is actuated with a low voltage electric motor and backed up or solely operated with batteries.




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