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SURMA is an effective tool for vulnerability assessment and management

MTG Marinetechnik GmbH is a German company specialized in planning and designing naval ships. In 2015, they started a cooperation regarding comprehensive navy combat survivability solutionswith the Finnish company Surma, which is part of DA-Group.

The engineer Thomas Fitschen has been working at MTG for almost twenty years. They specify the needs of theirs clients and design naval ships for several navies and governments with a focus on the early process phase. Fitschen's daily work includes doing shock analysis and evaluating risks ships might encounter. The SURMA software is one of the tools he uses on a daily basis.

– Surma has a nice program for vulnerability analysis. They provide a system called one ship model, which is useful – you only have to model one ship for further analyses, Fitschen says.

SURMA saves time         

SURMA is a versatile tool that includes several features. According to Fitschen, using the software not only makes the daily operations smooth but also saves time.

 –  You have all the features you need. With SURMA, we can carry out vulnerability analyses within the shortest possible time. By using the program, we were able to enhance our portfolio with an important aspect and, above all, we are able to prove the performance and quality of our products. Our aim is always to offer the best solution for our customers.        

Fitschen is happy with Surma’s customer service. – They care about their customers. We often need fast and easy solutions for a problem. Surma's approach is similar to ours: professional, smart, hassle-free and goal-oriented. We are able to generate a great exchange to develop a better software – and a better naval design at the end. MTG benefits from using SURMA, Fitschen says.

Companies will benefit from using SURMA        

Overall, the cooperation has been a very positive experience. Fitschen is satisfied with the software, because it helps MTG as an independent naval consultant to offer better services to their own customers.

 – We define as our core business not only conclusive overall ship design concepts, but also every aspect that supports the procurement process, such as requirements management, cost analysis, personnel and crew models, simulations as well as survivability studies. SURMA helps us to conquer new markets and to provide an even better service for our clients.

– We have a new, professional program to offer. I would recommend SURMA's results to all customers who deal with the vulnerability of ships and want to enhance their survivability. They’ll benefit from using SURMA, Fitschen concludes.


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