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Spottio Indoor Solutions develops innovative indoor positioning solutions, such as shopping carts for stores, tracking system of critical care equipment for hospitals and material flow monitoring for industrial operations. For the smart digital retail solution, DA-Group's delivey includes planning, design and product manufacturing.

The shopping trolley's intelligence and all its functions are embedded in a simple-looking device attached to the cart. So to the customer, the product looks like a tablet, but there are many key components inside the shell. For example, high-powered batteries are placed inside the case, since a battery of a normal tablet does not last a full day's use. Also a barcode scanner is embedded in the device as well as a charger unit. On behalf of the customer, DA-Group ships complete packages directly to the shops, where Spottio's team installs the devices to the carts.

With Spottio end-to-end service, retailers bring the digital store experience to a new era.  Indoor-location based advertising grows the average basket size and accurate indoor locationing service of carts  offer  information about customer behavior and movement.