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Naval Mines Webinar


The future of mine warfare in today’s and tomorrow’s naval domain

Most countries rely heavily on uninterrupted and safe marine traffic. As the on-going race between stealth, CIWSs and the new generation of hypersonic missiles intensifies, these often expensive weapon systems require active monitoring and situational awareness on vast border areas. While this is feasible in more condensed key areas, it is not the only option to guard and protect large coastal areas.


Welcome Remarks, Program and Practicalities
Kristian Tornivaara, CBO, DA Defence & Aerospace

 Role of Minelaying in Future Naval Combat Theatre
Vice ADM(ret) Kari Takanen, Senior Advisor, DA Defence & Aerospace

 Modern Influence Mine and Its Main Characteristics
Roope Kotiranta, CRDO, DA-Group

 Modernization Options for Legacy Naval Mines
Roope Kotiranta, CRDO, DA-Group

 Modular Minelaying Capabilities and Its Benefits to Operations, Infrastructure and Logistics
Roope Kotiranta

Open Discussion and Questions




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